TV Set Free : What Do I Need?

What Do I Need?

Check out all the great FREE TV you can get with a good digital antenna. Even HDTV! Enter your ZIP code and see a list of the stations in your area.

A digital-ready TV

Almost all new TVs sold since 2009 are digital-ready, which means they can receive digital high-definition channels and subchannels. If you're not sure your TV is digital-ready, check the owner's manual that came with it. If you don't have a digital-ready TV, you can use a digital TV converter instead.

A digital antenna

There's no one antenna that's right for everyone. But there's definitely an antenna that's right for you. Enter your zip code on this page to see a list of digital channels available in your area. Then click on the Find the Right Antenna button to get the best antenna for your environment.